Welcome to the Wellness Yellowknife Festival

Monday, June 20 to Sunday June 26, 2022

Our Story

The June 2022 Wellness Yellowknife Festival is a project worked on by the Yellowknife Racquet Club, spurred on by COVID-19 and the need for joy, and an event that will showcase what Yellowknife has to offer.  Wellness has different meanings for many, and this festival will be brought to life in partnership with many community partners, instructors, and businesses.

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With the many challenges the last two years, it also brought us a lot of perspective. For many of us, this meant acknowledging what’s really important in life and deciding what we want to bring with us going forward. As busy parents, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals in various capacities, it’s important that we continue to take care of ourselves, so we can show up that much better for our families, and for our communities.



With the back and forth of the pandemic, and the uncertainty of what this meant for the mental health of the community, we wondered what to do that could draw on the strength of those in Yellowknife and if there was an opportunity to share knowledge. We set out to create an accessible festival that locals can embrace and share knowledge with others. and take the opportunity to showcase the incredible community of Yellowknife.

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Brainstorming programming, creating social pages and a website, and connecting with various community partners, is what has been the most beneficial part of this wellness festival.  Everyone involved has been excited about the possibilities and importance a wellness festival can bring.  From free events for families, accessible for seniors by bringing the event to them, to experts in their field sharing passion and knowledge.

We have encouraged partners to have activities outside whenever possible, and we ask people to dress in layers and be prepared for the hot and the cold! This weeklong event taking place Monday June 20th to Sunday June 26th, and this is also the same week as the summer solstice.


You know what you need, we all have different meanings of wellness.  It could be meditative or strolling along with family and friends.  Relaxing or learning, eating or drinking, yoga or a HIIT workout.  Whatever you choose, we hope you feel inspired and a new rejuvenation to push forward in 2022.



Meet the companies and brands behind this event.

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