7:45pm to 9:15pm
The Racquet Club
$17.78 (includes GST)

Join Leslie and several Healing Touch practitioners and apprentices for a delectable experience combining the stress-reducing and mind-clearing power of Healing Touch with the delicious sensation and pure release found with restorative yoga.

Healing Touch is an energy therapy that can reduce stress, and allow relaxation. Working with the chakras to bring a person into balance, this gentle energy helps facilitate healing wherever needed in the body. After a healing touch treatment people have reported an improved state of physical presence, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity, and deeper sleep. All practitioners have completed Level 4 healing touch and are now apprentices in the level 5 program, or full practitioners.

Restorative yoga is another powerful healing modality allowing the body to slide into the parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest deeply. The goal is to feel weightless, find a floating sensation, and release the lines of tension held in the body. Leslie has completed her 40 hour restorative yoga training along with a 60 hour yoga nidra training. Join us for this 90-minute session where you’ll settle into restorative postures for longer holds and experience healing touch while in the restorative pose with practitioners moving around your body.

Allow yourself to be pampered by this team of relaxation specialists.

WHO: Anyone and everyone can benefit from both restorative yoga and healing touch
ATTIRE: very comfortable clothing, fuzzy socks and blankets recommended


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