Centering Flow (Level 1) with Melissa Chung

9:30am to 10:15am
The Racquet Club
$12.20/participant (includes GST)

This alignment-based class encourages participants to approach their mat with positive acceptance and intention in poses that originate from the inside out.  Along with elements of physical challenge and emotional grounding, in this heart-centred practice focus starts from within.  Class begins and ends with mindful meditation and includes standing, seated and deep release postures.  Breath and poses are linked in a creative flow that build energy and balance, a stronger mind-body connection, and a foundation to open to grace.  

Each class will take place on the Racquet Club deck, but moved inside if inclement weather. Enjoy a tea after class if you wish, either on our deck or in our lounge. Every participant will be entered into a draw for a wellness gift basket.


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