About the Festival

The June 2022 Wellness Yellowknife Festival is a project worked on by the Yellowknife Racquet Club, spurred on by COVID-19 and the need for joy, and an event that will showcase what Yellowknife has to offer. Wellness has different meanings for many, and this festival will be brought to life in partnership with many community partners, instructors, and businesses.

The Yellowknife Wellness Festival is a combination of wellness events, inspiring workshops, scenic opportunities, and other feel-good activities. 

Are you a seasoned yogi, a business owner, or curious about trying out various wellness activities to expand your horizons? We hope there are opportunities for everyone to experience something in this festival! 


Local Food & Drinks

For a small city, Yellowknife has an amazing selection of eateries, bars, and pubs, including a few food trucks. You will find opportunities to sample cuisine from Ethiopia, Korea, Vietnam, and Germany to name a few. Many restaurants feature fresh fish from Great Slave Lake, local beer, or wild game on the menu. Look at the schedule to see what some of these establishments have to offer!.

You will find some local food vendors at the Racquet Club Saturday June 25th from 10am-3pm, inside and outside the club. 


Meditate, walk, try something new!

There will be a wide range of activities, for the family, for the athlete, and for the curious!  Wake up daily with morning yoga classes, and try something you never thought you would (make Kombucha, get on a paddleboard).  Grab your friends and "wander" out for a group or family activity.


Be Inspired

Things to learn, different ways to connect, it' time to engage in ideas that will light you up. Exercise, meditation, clean beauty, and healthy living.  Wellness is different for everyone, open up the possibilities to learn something new.


Yoga, meditation, & new possibilities

You will find opportunities to practice something new all over the city.  From morning yoga in the sun, working on mobility and balance, or trying something out of your comfort zone, there are many opportunities to continue your practice or learn something brand new.  Some great opportunities to learn from different cultures.


Meet the companies and brands behind this event.

Adam Dental Clinic